Energy Efficiency AI Solution


Intelligent Switchboard

Intelligence Electric Switchboard, IESB

It is an automatic power supply control system for simultaneous connection of power system/renewable energy source and each customer.

Beyond energy, we open the future of new value building energy management. It is an intelligent distribution board that manages energy with differentiated technology.


[ Block diagram of TerraSphere system ]



  • Energy visualization

  • Compatibility · scalability

  • Management convenience

  • Comfortable indoor environment

  • Consumption prediction

Product specification

Rated Input99kW
Input Voltage3∮, 380V
Input Current150A
Number of CustomersMax 8
Rated Output10kW
Output Voltage1∮, 220V
Output Current45A

Functions · Applications

1. Energy visualization - Integrated control monitoring for multiple intelligent switchboards

  • Integrated power data dashboard for each household, operation status, alarm, and statistics by period
  • Switchboard, device, and user management functions
  • Automatic operation scheduler setting function

2. Functionality, versatility - Smart power supply and danger warning provided by Rules Engine Controller

  • Self-emergency action and alarm transmission function when an alarm occurs
  • Support and extension of heterogeneous protocols and 3rd party interlockable structure
  • Data is refined and processed and transmitted after pre-processing of the upper platform

3.Safety - Durability and stability of intelligent switchboard

  • Instantaneous protection function with electronic protective relay function
  • Completed the verification of safety accidents such as fire, electric shock, electromagnetic wave, etc. through KC certification
  • In case of an emergency, an alert is sent to the manager and emergency measures are taken.

4. Convenience of management - Simultaneous connection of power system and renewable energy sources (PV, ESS, W/T)/selective operation of energy source supply

  • Automatic control of energy source by setting target consumption by household and period (day/week/month)
  • Schedule control and pattern control function
  • Embedded electronic switchgear to monitor usage compared to contracted capacity and control automatic power supply
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