Disaster Safety AI Solution



Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor

It is an IoT-based optical fiber grid sensor real-time safety monitoring system that can be applied regardless of measurement target or scale based on distributed optical sensors.The more points connect with lines, the more lines connect with sides, the safer we are. It is e-FOAE, the ENITT's disaster safety management solution, in which the line connected to the light sensor is responsible for road safety and city safety.



  • Non-electrical cable
    that does not require
    a power cord

  • Up to 1km of long-
    distance measurement

  • Real-time classification
    based on AI deep learning

  • Cost reduction by securing
    cost competitiveness

  • 24/7 remote

Product specification

Measuring frequency range100~400kHz
Sensor operating temperature-20~80°C
Measurement distance1000m
Number of measurement channels16 channels
Sampling Speed1MS/s

Functions · Applications

  • Valve health monitoring (gas pipelines, oil pipelines, etc.)
  • Structural health monitoring (dams, bridges, girders, etc.)
  • Applicable to major industrial infrastructures such as perimeter intrusion monitoring (fences, major security facilities, etc.)
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